God is faithful and generous

Before I became a city councilor, I worked for a group of companies owned by a Manila-based businessman. He is a kind elderly man who is well-liked by his people.

He helped me and my family a lot. And when I became a city councilor, he took my wife as business partner and they went into orchid growing, integrated farming and ornamental plants. I continued to serve the group of companies in an on-call consultant basis and received an allowance to help with my meager income as a public servant.

In many of my trips to Manila, I would call on him. He would always treat me for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and on occasion would lend me his car to bring me to places I needed to go around Metro Manila. When my daughter was admitted to two Manila hospitals in late 2009, he was there to lend my daughter and my wife a hand. He was truly an angel.

But as I became busy with my work in the city government particularly during my 2nd and 3rd terms, I gradually lost contact with him. Having not done anything for him, I believed that he has stopped sending me my honorarium. I have not also bothered to check my bank account for close to four years.

To my great surprise last week when I moved to Manila, I learned from him that he has faithfully sent my allowance every month. Yes, every single month! I was so embarrassed; his faithfulness and generosity simply floored me.

I have been praying for some time for additional money to help pay for bills and some personal loan. I did not expect help to come this way. This was an unexpected blessing.

Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on his faithfulness.” Psalms 37:3

I just realized God send us angels to help us not once, not twice, but many times, and perhaps, even forever. That is how faithful and generous God is.

American pastor

President Jun Basalo has invited an American pastor, Richard Lokkan,  as our main speaker this coming Saturday, Jan. 22. Please bring your friends to join our breakfast.

Those assigned for the program are the following:

Opening Prayer and Prayer for the Nation – Engr. Ruben Sumagang

Grace for the Food – Diego Baoy

Love Offering – Engr. Danny Amen-amen

Master of Ceremony – Capt. Louell Yasay

After the fellowship, a number of our officers and members will convoy to South Cotabato.

Trip to South Cotabato

Capt. Herme Verga, our field representatives for areas south of Davao, is now busy organizing our team to travel to Koronadal City and General Santos City on Saturday.

The FGBMFI chapter in Koronadal will hold an Advance Leadership Training Seminar, while the Gensan chapter will have the induction of their new officers.

Those interested to join should notify Capt. Verga so we can arrange for the transportation. We plan to leave immediately after our breakfast fellowship.

Gold ring

Last month as the new officers were planning for its activities, President Jun Basalo, who incidentally comes from the gold-rich Compostela Valley, suggested that the chapter produce a ring  with the FGBMFI logo similar to our pins. Two weeks ago, he went to a local jeweler, the maker of the country’s biggest gold ring, and asked for a design.

Here it is in a photo sent by President Jun. He is now wearing it for our evaluation.

It is not fanciful but very dignified. It features the FGBMFI logo at the round top of the ring, and akin to a college ring, it has the figures 19 and 51 on each side. The figures refer to the year of the founding of the FGBMFI.

It was made from 12 grams of 18 carat gold, and with the design, costs about P20,000.

Arch. Joe Alvarado one of the first to see the ring suggested another design, a flat  top face to make the logo more prominent. President Jun said he will ask the jeweler for the adjustment. Anyone who wants to have the ring can modify the year signifying the date when they joined the fellowship.

Any order?

Subic contacts

A number of us in the Davao City chapter have already booked our flights for the National Convention in Subic on March 2-5. I am sure many have also done so throughout the country as Cebu Pacific offered seat sales last week.

We are happy to note that the organizers are fielding free buses for the participants at the NAIA for those arriving from the provinces. This was announced to us by our Mindanao VP Jerry Guiang last Saturday.

Those who wish to get in touch with the organizers or ask help for hotel reservations can contact the following:

Martin Misa, Subic Bay chapter – 0928-501-8604

Dickson Foo, Subic Metropolitican chapter – 0908-789-8418

Vic Ardon, Olongapo chapter – 0915-506-2588

Sallie dela Cruz, National Secretariat – 0919-400-1003

Walk-in guest

Last week, we had two Australians among our guests at the breakfast fellowship.

Today, we had two guests from Canada, one from Alberta, the other, from Ontario. Maurice Martin from Edson, Alberta, is a geological consultant who wants to introduce new technology in mining here in Mindanao; Wayne Batte, from Ontario, is a musical teacher and runs a musical services business.

Wayne’s visit was interesting in the sense that he was a walk-in guest, meaning no one invited him to our meeting. He told us that he saw the sign at the hotel where we hold our meeting last Saturday about lunchtime when our fellowship was already finished. So, he made it a point to visit today for breakfast. He told us that he has attended a similar fellowship back in Ontario. He added that he enjoyed the company of fellow believers in Jesus Christ.

At our board meeting after the fellowship, President Jun Basalo asked our Ways and Means Committee chair, Cris Arrieta, to push through with our plan to put up a signage inside the Davao International Airport arrival area to notify visitors of our regular Saturday fellowship. This way, we can reach out to more men, particularly traveling businessmen and professionals who wish to meet their Christian counterparts in Davao City.

Another VIP guest was Jun Taguibao, immediate past president of the General Santos City. He came to invite us to the induction of the new officers of the Gensan chapter scheduled for next week.

There were also nine other non-members, and 37 members in attendance today. Among the members who attended for the first time for this year include Engr. Erdito Viva, Frank Agustin, Engr. Danny Amen-amen, Councilor Emmanuel Galicia  and Danny Guillen.

Delgado, main sharer for Jan 15

One of our spiritual advisers, Pastor Roger Delgado, will lead our breakfast fellowship tomorrow as our Main Sharer. He is one of the favorites of our members for his very insightful sharings of the Word of God.

Others assigned for tomorrow are:

Reggie Ballados for the Opening & Prayer for the Nation;

Diego Baoy for the Grace before the Meal;

Arman Enero for the Love Offiering;

Roger Virtucio for the Closing Prayer; and

Pastor Manny Tan will act as our master of ceremony.

After the fellowship, the officers will convene for its first meeting for the year.

Arise Davao

Two members of the Davao City chapter of FGBMFI are in the Organizing Committee of the Arise Davao conference and concert set January 13-15 at the Davao Convention and Trade Center.

Kudos to Engr. Erdito Viva and Councilor Emmanuel Galicia. Both are also pastors.

The 3-day event includes plenary sessions on youth mobilization, humanitarian projects and concerts.

Registration is only P150 which includes the conference kit and t-shirt. Visit their site at www.arisedavao.com

22 guests, highest in recent years

The fellowship last Saturday turned to be very successful as we netted 22 guests, the highest in recent years, to start the new year on a hopeful note.

One of the first-time visitors was Dennis Capa who was invited by past president Eder Bacus. Both are electrical engineers and contractors by profession. Dennis is also a friend of mine. He had an unsuccessful run for a City Council seat in 2001 and we used to drink a lot together at the old Lanang Golf & Country Club (it is now the site of the new SM Mall).

Capt. Louel Yasay brought in the most guests, six, two from Australia, who were in the city for this weeks Arise Davao conference. Our treasurer, Jun Carmelotes, who started collecting our annual dues had three guests.

There were also 37 members in attendance, just over the target I set in the previous post.

President Jun Basalo was all smiles as he called on everyone to continue the good start to bring in more men to our breakfast prayer meeting.

Figures to beat

Here is my own personal record of attendance in our fellowship during the past two months. This we must beat this year with more members and guests joining our Saturday breakfast with Jesus Christ:

Average attendance for members – 34; for guests – 9; and for ladies of the fellowship – 11

A good target this year would be average of 40 members; 15 guests; 15 ladies during the last Saturday of the month!

2010 Figures


Nov. 6 – 34

Nov. 13 – 32

Nov. 20 – 39

Nov. 27 – 34

Dec. 11 – 32

Dec. 18 – 36

Average – 34


Nov. 6 – 7

Nov. 13 – 5

Nov. 20 – 10

Nov. 27 – 6

Dec. 11 – 20

Dec. 18 – 7

Average – 9

Ladies of the Fellowship

Nov. 27 – 9

Dec. 18 – 13

Average – 11

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