Election update

We had another successful breakfast meeting this morning with 30 members, four visitors and the guest speaker, Rev. Wenzyl V. Dejolde, in attendance.

Four members shared brief life testimonies, namely, Engr. Wendel Navales, 2nd Vice President Engr. Cirilo Basalo, Jr, Teddy Reyes and Auditor Felizardo Carmelotes, Jr. They talked about how Jesus touched their lives during the week overcoming odds and receiving blessings.

Among our visitors was Spanish-American William Benavides from Florida who was brought along by Engr. Basalo, Jr. We sat him beside our Honduran member, Dr. Juis Jacome, so he would feel at home with another person who speaks Spanish.

I could sense that he enjoyed the fellowship because he nodded when I told him to please attend again next Saturday.

Engr. Basalo is a shoo-in to win our “Fisherman of the Year” award for inviting many guests to attend our fellowship and who, eventually, become full-time members.

Election Update:

After the meeting, the board of trustees sat for a brief meeting in preparation for the forthcoming election of officers. VP Gerry Guiang told the group about the advise of National President Robert Lee about the FGBMFI’s manual on the election of officers. Hence, the board recalled its earlier decision to elect the President at-large. So, during the election next Saturday the members will elect 10 members of board of trustees. The incumbent President is an ex-officio member to compose the board with 11 members. Thereafter, the board will elect among themselves the officers – President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and Directors.

Gerry Guiang, who will chair the COMELEC, reminded that only those with paid dues by Saturday would be able to cast their votes.

City Councilor Emmanuel Galicia, who is also a pastor, would be invited as guest speaker to talk about leadership of God’s servants.

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