New officers

Praise the Lord we had another successful Saturday breakfast fellowship. We also elected a new set of officers.

Forty members attended the meeting and we had nine guests, including Dr. George Annadorai of the Lord’s Family Church in Singapore who was in Davao in connection with the “God Bless Israel” convocation held at Praise Revival Center last Thursday. Another guest was old time Full Gospel member Ony Basa who is now doing ministry work in Manila and involved with the “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

Our spiritual adviser Rev. Roger Delgado shared the Word of God to inspire the members of the chapter. He cited the story and leadership of Moses in fulfilling the will of God. He said God gives us double blessings in the same manner God called on Moses’s name twice … Moses, Moses! (Exodus 3:4) He said calling the name twice means both endearment and emphasis to show how God loves  us like Moses.He said God blesses us to become blessings to others.

So, our chapter leaders are blessed by God to serve and be blessings to others. And the elected members of the new board of trustees are the following:

President – Engr. Cirilo Basalo, Jr.

1st Vice President – Antonio dela Cruz

2nd Vice President – Peter Lavina

Secretary – Benjamin Aquino

Treasurer – Felizardo Carmelotes, Jr.

Auditor – Arch. Jose Alvarado

PRO – Capt. Lowell Yasay

Coordinator – Teodoro Reyes

Trustees – Atty. Bienvenido Cariaga, Dr. Marcelino Dahinog, Judge Dino Maniwang

Their term of office will start upon their induction temporarily set on the first week of December. Please pray for the new leadership of the chapter.

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