A prayer instead

Oh My God, how time flies so fast. I did not notice I have not posted for over a week. I was busy with my research work on the peace process and I have been traveling a lot lately.

I was in Manila the previous week, flew back again Wednesday last week for a one day trip. Now, I am headed again to the airport to catch a flight for the capital. I will attend a meeting at the Asian Institute of Management today and for the next two days, I will be at the Waging Peace in the Philippines Conference at Bay View Hotel.

I fell sick while traveling last week, I had a swelling in the lower right side of my gum. I had no toothache though. But I caught a slight fever that I was not able to participate actively in our induction last Saturday. I was to help our 1st Vice President Tony dela Cruz act as co-master of ceremony but I beg off at the last minute. I did took my oath though together with the other new officers. I left even before our main sharer Ramon Manahan took the podium.

The event was marred somewhat by the venue provided by the new Pinnacle Hotel. Instead of the spacious Ballroom where everyone expected us to be seated, we were given a small function room. Many were surprised and complains were plenty. The room was small; the seating was cramped; the aircon was not enough; the sound system was bad; waiters were nowhere to be found or could not go around, etc.

I remember the forewarning of our spiritual adviser Shiloh Haigh of leaving our current home, Grand Men Seng Hotel. He said it was a good place for the fellowship; it has a spiritual vibe conducive for our prayer meetings. Moving to another place, he warned, was not good because we are not sure if the new place was anointed.

Normaly I would have complained too on the shabby treatment at the Pinnacle Hotel. But instead, I look at the message of this experience. This new hotel lacks the spiritual blessing. It would not prosper unless it is an anointed place.

So, instead of pointing a finger to anyone to blame, I can only offer a prayer for others not to go through the same bad experience of conducting a big event in a small space at this hotel.

I guess this closes our search for a new home.

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  1. tim
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 18:52:29

    Oh, my GOD.. I was lucky enough NOW that i can see your post, before i couldn’t,cause i guess you are selling your domain,whoa..

    I am pretty happy to see this blog of your sir Pet. I am actually looking forward to meet you soon, I am Tim, also from Davao, an aspirant writer, the insanely sane riffraff. A man with a huge dream in life- to help tribes learned and know the value of education for out of school youth, i am an out of school youth, but a bit different from the way it use to be, cause i maximize my time, i read, i write, i do dj-ying, hosting and a lot more.

    I am sorry it is pretty long.. But i am jus really happy to see your blog!!

    I am in heaven! Please visit my blog, and send me message..


  2. peterlavina
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 13:57:36

    Big thanks for the visit, your comment and the link of my blog in yours. Keep up the good work Tim and hope to see you soon.


  3. tim
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 14:00:55

    Wow, sir.. YES, i would love to really see you.. when would that be sir? whoa, i like it so much..


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