Christmas gifts

Big thanks to our VP for Mindanao Gerry Guiang. At the office party of his staff at Jehu Marketing, he gave me two gifts, a copy of the 2011 Our Daily Bread and a t-shirt.

Last week, at the party of the staff of our new chapter Auditor Arch. Joe Alvarado, I also received a t-shirt and a backpack.

Our family friends Roberto and Charita Puentespina, Henry and Ely Lopez Chua, and Sim Marfori also sent Christmas gifts, all were delectable foodstuff. My two sisters living in the US also sent gifts.

When I was a city councilor and was very active in many social groups, I receive plenty of gifts every Christmas. On the other hand , we also sent out hundreds of gifts for our friends, staff and political supporters. On average we prepare as much as 600 to 700 gift packs every Christmas.

It was a total change for this year now that I have become a plain citizen.

Let the true spirit of Christmas be upon us all – the love of God in sending baby Jesus to save mankind. Best wishes to all our readers!

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