Walk-in guest

Last week, we had two Australians among our guests at the breakfast fellowship.

Today, we had two guests from Canada, one from Alberta, the other, from Ontario. Maurice Martin from Edson, Alberta, is a geological consultant who wants to introduce new technology in mining here in Mindanao; Wayne Batte, from Ontario, is a musical teacher and runs a musical services business.

Wayne’s visit was interesting in the sense that he was a walk-in guest, meaning no one invited him to our meeting. He told us that he saw the sign at the hotel where we hold our meeting last Saturday about lunchtime when our fellowship was already finished. So, he made it a point to visit today for breakfast. He told us that he has attended a similar fellowship back in Ontario. He added that he enjoyed the company of fellow believers in Jesus Christ.

At our board meeting after the fellowship, President Jun Basalo asked our Ways and Means Committee chair, Cris Arrieta, to push through with our plan to put up a signage inside the Davao International Airport arrival area to notify visitors of our regular Saturday fellowship. This way, we can reach out to more men, particularly traveling businessmen and professionals who wish to meet their Christian counterparts in Davao City.

Another VIP guest was Jun Taguibao, immediate past president of the General Santos City. He came to invite us to the induction of the new officers of the Gensan chapter scheduled for next week.

There were also nine other non-members, and 37 members in attendance today. Among the members who attended for the first time for this year include Engr. Erdito Viva, Frank Agustin, Engr. Danny Amen-amen, Councilor Emmanuel Galicia  and Danny Guillen.

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