Gold ring

Last month as the new officers were planning for its activities, President Jun Basalo, who incidentally comes from the gold-rich Compostela Valley, suggested that the chapter produce a ring  with the FGBMFI logo similar to our pins. Two weeks ago, he went to a local jeweler, the maker of the country’s biggest gold ring, and asked for a design.

Here it is in a photo sent by President Jun. He is now wearing it for our evaluation.

It is not fanciful but very dignified. It features the FGBMFI logo at the round top of the ring, and akin to a college ring, it has the figures 19 and 51 on each side. The figures refer to the year of the founding of the FGBMFI.

It was made from 12 grams of 18 carat gold, and with the design, costs about P20,000.

Arch. Joe Alvarado one of the first to see the ring suggested another design, a flat  top face to make the logo more prominent. President Jun said he will ask the jeweler for the adjustment. Anyone who wants to have the ring can modify the year signifying the date when they joined the fellowship.

Any order?

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