Trip to South Cotabato

Capt. Herme Verga, our field representatives for areas south of Davao, is now busy organizing our team to travel to Koronadal City and General Santos City on Saturday.

The FGBMFI chapter in Koronadal will hold an Advance Leadership Training Seminar, while the Gensan chapter will have the induction of their new officers.

Those interested to join should notify Capt. Verga so we can arrange for the transportation. We plan to leave immediately after our breakfast fellowship.

Arise Davao

Two members of the Davao City chapter of FGBMFI are in the Organizing Committee of the Arise Davao conference and concert set January 13-15 at the Davao Convention and Trade Center.

Kudos to Engr. Erdito Viva and Councilor Emmanuel Galicia. Both are also pastors.

The 3-day event includes plenary sessions on youth mobilization, humanitarian projects and concerts.

Registration is only P150 which includes the conference kit and t-shirt. Visit their site at

Preparing for Subic

During last Saturday’s fellowship, we were informed by VP for Mindanao Gerry Guiang that he recently received the registration and solicitation forms for the forthcoming national convention in Subic on March 3-5, 2011.

Very soon we would be busy preparing for this convention. We will miss though the early bird discounted registration fee of only P2,700 as the deadline was set on Wednesday, December 15. Thereafter the registration is set at P3,000 which covers the meals and kits, and excluding hotel rooms. The latter would be for our own personal account.

I checked the national convention website and there was no recent entry. I am sure many are interested in the preparations for this annual conclave but information is wanting.

In its forum page, I started posting suggestions hoping to start any conversation.

One of the suggestions I posted is the fielding of buses at the NAIA 1, 2 and 3 on March 2 and 3 to ferry those coming by plane from the provinces to Subic. I do not agree with suggestions that we charter a special flight, for instance from Davao to Clark, for this purpose with members from other chapters in southern Mindanao joining the trip. This is a good idea if airlines would agree to a one-way trip only. But I am sure many would be staying longer after the convention thus it would be difficult to fill up a return flight for this charter. After Subic, a number plans to go up to Baguio City while others have other businesses to attend to in Metro Manila.

It would help a lot if the organizers field a bus at the airport or at the Mall of Asia leaving for Subic one at noontime to ferry those arriving in Manila in the morning and another at about 5 p.m. to wait for those arriving in the afternoon.


For the record, here are the awardees in last Saturday’s induction program. Congrats!

Fisherman of the Year – Engr. Cirilo Basalo, Jr. (for inviting the most guests who became active members);

Best in Attendance – Capt. Remy Celeste (not only for the number of times he was present, but also for being on time always);

Best Contributor to the Bulletin – Atty. Bienvenido Cariaga (for being the most consistent, original, relevant and best written articles);

Distinguished Service Awards:

Atty. Bienvenido Cariaga – for serving many times as president;

Cecilio Felix – for serving with honesty and dedication as Treasurer for more than five years;

Cris Arrieta – for contributing his time, skills and resources in spite of  his busy business schedule;

Lamberto Miranda – for being the local “King Solomon” with his inspiring words of wisdom;

Ulysses Ampon – for his music ministry;

Shiloh Haigh – for his exceedingly generous help for the Bulletin, the Coordinator and the Working Secretary

Teddy Reyes – for his untiring work as Coordinator for the past decade

A prayer instead

Oh My God, how time flies so fast. I did not notice I have not posted for over a week. I was busy with my research work on the peace process and I have been traveling a lot lately.

I was in Manila the previous week, flew back again Wednesday last week for a one day trip. Now, I am headed again to the airport to catch a flight for the capital. I will attend a meeting at the Asian Institute of Management today and for the next two days, I will be at the Waging Peace in the Philippines Conference at Bay View Hotel.

I fell sick while traveling last week, I had a swelling in the lower right side of my gum. I had no toothache though. But I caught a slight fever that I was not able to participate actively in our induction last Saturday. I was to help our 1st Vice President Tony dela Cruz act as co-master of ceremony but I beg off at the last minute. I did took my oath though together with the other new officers. I left even before our main sharer Ramon Manahan took the podium.

The event was marred somewhat by the venue provided by the new Pinnacle Hotel. Instead of the spacious Ballroom where everyone expected us to be seated, we were given a small function room. Many were surprised and complains were plenty. The room was small; the seating was cramped; the aircon was not enough; the sound system was bad; waiters were nowhere to be found or could not go around, etc.

I remember the forewarning of our spiritual adviser Shiloh Haigh of leaving our current home, Grand Men Seng Hotel. He said it was a good place for the fellowship; it has a spiritual vibe conducive for our prayer meetings. Moving to another place, he warned, was not good because we are not sure if the new place was anointed.

Normaly I would have complained too on the shabby treatment at the Pinnacle Hotel. But instead, I look at the message of this experience. This new hotel lacks the spiritual blessing. It would not prosper unless it is an anointed place.

So, instead of pointing a finger to anyone to blame, I can only offer a prayer for others not to go through the same bad experience of conducting a big event in a small space at this hotel.

I guess this closes our search for a new home.


Preparations are now underway for the induction of the new set of officers of the Davao City chapter of FGBMFI.

A joint meeting of the incumbent board of trustees, field representatives, the newly elected officers as well as various committee heads will meet on Saturday, October 13, right after the fellowship. Secretary Ben Aquino posted the notice in the bulletin last week.

President-elect Engr. Crilio Basalo and Coordinator Teddy Reyes are now arranging the venue of the dinner fellowship cum induction and early Christmas party on December 3 or 4. They visited the newly-opened Pinnacle Hotel last Saturday.

Engr. Basalo is now also identifying the guest speaker as well as inducting officer.

We invite all members to attend this activity.

Family prayers

Filipinos troop today, All Saint’s Day, and tomorrow, All Soul’s Day, to churches and cemeteries to pay respect to the dead.

There would be plenty of prayers and offering of flowers and candles. In many cemeteries today, palpable signs of change would be noticeable. In Davao for instance, people would not be allowed to bring in alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, blaring radios or karaokes in addition to bladed instruments including grass cutters.

Not too long ago, cemeteries during this holiday season are turned into almost party places, noisy and chaotic  losing the significance of marking these two days for the departed ones.

These two days are great occasions for family reunions. We hope that we go to the core and spirit of these two days in sober prayers.

National Convention 2011

Preparations are now underway for the FGBMFI National Convention next year. It will be held at the Subic Bay Convention Center on March 3-5.

It would be the 29th national convergence with the theme “Framework for Change.”

I attended the convention this year held in Tagbilaran, Bohol last March 26-28. It was my first time to join the national meeting and I was happy to act as master of ceremony in one session. More than 30 members and their espouses from Davao City attended the convention.

Last year, the convention was held in Cagayan de Oro City.

Among the confirmed speakers for the Subic convention are:

> Al and Hattie Hollingworth, who are wealthy business leaders and ministers of the Gospel. They own a successful packaging company with plants in at least five states in the US which service Fortune 500 clients. They are founders of Alhatti Christian Resort,  a four-star retreat facility in Idyllwind, California, a favorite event center for Christian churches and families from around the world.

> Dr. Agustin B. Vercer, Jr. who developed the DNA Vision, a strategic program of churches transforming nations where there is economic sufficiency, social justice, national righteousness, and where Christ is Lord of life and nation. He was also a speaker in the Bohol Convention this year.

Kindly check this site for updates.

Dinner Fellowship

The Davao City Chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International had a successful Dinner Fellowship last Saturday, October 9. It was held at the Garden Oases Resort in Bo. Obrero.

The two main speakers shared Life Testimonies, former Police Sr. Supt. Cezar Mancao, a bemedalled police officer who is one of the key figures in a controversial double murder case in the Philippines that reportedly involved a President and a Senator, among others, and Honduran plant pathologist Senor Luis Jacome, who is now working in Davao.

There were close to 200 guests including about a dozen FGBMFI National Officials and their espouses who flew to Davao led by National President Robert Lee.

Our Chapter President lawyer Bienvenido Cariaga and FGBMFI Vice President for Mindanao businessman Gerry Guiang were elated by the success of our activity, including the presence of the representative of the City Government City Councilor Melchor Quitain, who read the message of Mayor Sara Duterte.

I hope I can get the copy of the testimonies of Mancao and Jacome and share them with you. Both of them had dramatic experiences in receiving Jesus. And Jacome related a healing miracle for his son.

Hello world!

Hello! I’m back blogging. It has been a long time – one whole year –  since I last posted in my previous blogs. And I did have a number of blogs being one of the pioneer bloggers in Davao.

What led me to blog again?

Well, I attended the Advance Leadership Training Seminar (ALTS) of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International last Saturday in Davao and I was inspired to create a new blog. I hope through this blog, I can help chronicle and write about “changed lives” particularly among businessmen and professionals who found Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

Please join me in this new endeavor for the honor and glory of God.

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