Figures to beat

Here is my own personal record of attendance in our fellowship during the past two months. This we must beat this year with more members and guests joining our Saturday breakfast with Jesus Christ:

Average attendance for members – 34; for guests – 9; and for ladies of the fellowship – 11

A good target this year would be average of 40 members; 15 guests; 15 ladies during the last Saturday of the month!

2010 Figures


Nov. 6 – 34

Nov. 13 – 32

Nov. 20 – 39

Nov. 27 – 34

Dec. 11 – 32

Dec. 18 – 36

Average – 34


Nov. 6 – 7

Nov. 13 – 5

Nov. 20 – 10

Nov. 27 – 6

Dec. 11 – 20

Dec. 18 – 7

Average – 9

Ladies of the Fellowship

Nov. 27 – 9

Dec. 18 – 13

Average – 11

Joint fellowship

We are all men in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. No woman is allowed as a member. However, every last Saturday of the month and on some special occasions, we invite our espouses and lady friends to join us dine, pray and hear of the Word of God.

On average close to 20 women attend our joint fellowship on the last Saturday of the month. And oftentimes, the main sharers discuss passages from the Bible on love, relationships of husband and wife and family values.

The speaker for this Saturday is the Rev. Shilogh Haigh, one of our spiritual advisers. He just flew back from his ministry in Taipei, Taiwan. He is British-born, grew up in Australia, got involved with FGBMFI in Europe and now resides in both Davao and Taipei.

Another unique feature of the Davao City chapter is the flower offering for the ladies of the fellowship. This is the project of espouses Felizardo “Jun” and Maebel Carmelotes. They bring flowers during the joint fellowship and our members are called one after another to give the flowers to their partners.Many would kiss each other or exchange words of affection.

Its a kind gesture that brings love to our couples. It is no wonder that when our members tell their wives that they are to attend activities of the Full Gospel, the ladies give their full consent and support.

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