Walk-in guest

Last week, we had two Australians among our guests at the breakfast fellowship.

Today, we had two guests from Canada, one from Alberta, the other, from Ontario. Maurice Martin from Edson, Alberta, is a geological consultant who wants to introduce new technology in mining here in Mindanao; Wayne Batte, from Ontario, is a musical teacher and runs a musical services business.

Wayne’s visit was interesting in the sense that he was a walk-in guest, meaning no one invited him to our meeting. He told us that he saw the sign at the hotel where we hold our meeting last Saturday about lunchtime when our fellowship was already finished. So, he made it a point to visit today for breakfast. He told us that he has attended a similar fellowship back in Ontario. He added that he enjoyed the company of fellow believers in Jesus Christ.

At our board meeting after the fellowship, President Jun Basalo asked our Ways and Means Committee chair, Cris Arrieta, to push through with our plan to put up a signage inside the Davao International Airport arrival area to notify visitors of our regular Saturday fellowship. This way, we can reach out to more men, particularly traveling businessmen and professionals who wish to meet their Christian counterparts in Davao City.

Another VIP guest was Jun Taguibao, immediate past president of the General Santos City. He came to invite us to the induction of the new officers of the Gensan chapter scheduled for next week.

There were also nine other non-members, and 37 members in attendance today. Among the members who attended for the first time for this year include Engr. Erdito Viva, Frank Agustin, Engr. Danny Amen-amen, Councilor Emmanuel Galicia  and Danny Guillen.

Figures to beat

Here is my own personal record of attendance in our fellowship during the past two months. This we must beat this year with more members and guests joining our Saturday breakfast with Jesus Christ:

Average attendance for members – 34; for guests – 9; and for ladies of the fellowship – 11

A good target this year would be average of 40 members; 15 guests; 15 ladies during the last Saturday of the month!

2010 Figures


Nov. 6 – 34

Nov. 13 – 32

Nov. 20 – 39

Nov. 27 – 34

Dec. 11 – 32

Dec. 18 – 36

Average – 34


Nov. 6 – 7

Nov. 13 – 5

Nov. 20 – 10

Nov. 27 – 6

Dec. 11 – 20

Dec. 18 – 7

Average – 9

Ladies of the Fellowship

Nov. 27 – 9

Dec. 18 – 13

Average – 11

Contributing to the church

In our fellowship, we always emphasize that we are not a church and that we do not intend to make the FGBMFI a church. In fact, its mission is to help bring back men to church and to Jesus Christ.

The FGBMFI acts as a link between the marketplace and the church to reach men who are lost and have not met Jesus. Basically, we fish for men for Jesus Christ. To strengthen our members spiritually, we encourage them to be active in their respective churches.

We also emphasize that tithes are given to our respective churches and not to our fellowship. What we collect in the FGBMFI are “love offerings” to help cover expenses for our two projects – jail and hospital ministries. We use these two projects to reach out for more men for Jesus.

We are happy that a number of our members have grown spiritually to become pastors and fulltime servants of God. Some have established their own churches. Among them are Engr. Leonardo Alaan, Engr. Francisco Madronero, Atty. Dick Togonon (Deeper Life Church), Liberato Diao (Restore Christian Fellowship), Jose Gonzales, Camilo Cabatu, Gervacio Mendoza, Jr., Manuel Tan and Danny Ibanez (Church of Jesus Christ Ministries). Pastors Jun Mendoza and Manny Tan are still very active in our Saturday meetings while Pastor Diao serves as one of our spiritual advisers.

We also have at least three active members who are attending a bible school – appliance store executive Arman Enero, business consultant Orly Gabriel and banker Roman Guerrero, Jr.

They embrace the calling of the Lord to spread His Gospel and help fulfill the great commission.

Long life

The Davao City chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship is quite unique in the sense that our elderly members – those past 70 years old – are exempted from payment of the annual dues.

One of our eldest member is Emmanuel “Maning” Go. He is 86 years old . In spite of this advance age, he still shuttles back and forth between the Philippines and the US. Thus, he cannot be with us every Saturday. But if he is in Davao, he makes it certain to join the breakfast of the “happiest people on Earth.”

We often herald that Maning Go is a blessed person because, while many people enjoy dual citizenship, he has plenty. We count at least five.

First, as a Chinese citizen because his parents are migrants from China. Second, as a Filipino citizen having been born in the Philippines. Third, as an American citizen having moved and acquired his green card in the US.

Fourth, having past the age of 60, he is a senior citizen. And finally and most importantly, having followed Jesus, he is a citizen of the Kingdom.

God is good!

Indeed, Proverbs 9:11 says “For by me your days would be multiplied, and years of life would be added unto you.” Join our jolly band in Christ and have more bonus years.

Program for October 16

Here is the line-up for tomorrow’s breakfast meeting of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International Davao City Chapter at Grand Men Seng Hotel (7 am):

Master of Ceremony – Vice President Antonio dela Cruz

Opening Prayer – Capt. Remy Celeste

Songs of Praise – Uly Ampon

Introduction of Guests

Welcome Song – Uly Ampon

Personal Testimonies

Words of Wisdom – Bert Miranda

Grace for the Meal – Reggie Ballados

Love Offering – Auditor Felizardo Carmelotes, Jr.

President’s Time – President Atty. Beinevenido Cariaga

Introduction of the Main Sharer – Mindanao VP Gerry Guiang

Main Sharer – Rev. Wenzyl V. Dejolde

Announcements – Acting Coordinator Peter Lavina

Closing Song – Uly Ampon

Closing Prayer – Arch. Joe Alvarado

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