Gold ring

Last month as the new officers were planning for its activities, President Jun Basalo, who incidentally comes from the gold-rich Compostela Valley, suggested that the chapter produce a ringĀ  with the FGBMFI logo similar to our pins. Two weeks ago, he went to a local jeweler, the maker of the country’s biggest gold ring, and asked for a design.

Here it is in a photo sent by President Jun. He is now wearing it for our evaluation.

It is not fanciful but very dignified. It features the FGBMFI logo at the round top of the ring, and akin to a college ring, it has the figures 19 and 51 on each side. The figures refer to the year of the founding of the FGBMFI.

It was made from 12 grams of 18 carat gold, and with the design, costs about P20,000.

Arch. Joe Alvarado one of the first to see the ring suggested another design, a flatĀ  top face to make the logo more prominent. President Jun said he will ask the jeweler for the adjustment. Anyone who wants to have the ring can modify the year signifying the date when they joined the fellowship.

Any order?

Joint fellowship

We are all men in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. No woman is allowed as a member. However, every last Saturday of the month and on some special occasions, we invite our espouses and lady friends to join us dine, pray and hear of the Word of God.

On average close to 20 women attend our joint fellowship on the last Saturday of the month. And oftentimes, the main sharers discuss passages from the Bible on love, relationships of husband and wife and family values.

The speaker for this Saturday is the Rev. Shilogh Haigh, one of our spiritual advisers. He just flew back from his ministry in Taipei, Taiwan. He is British-born, grew up in Australia, got involved with FGBMFI in Europe and now resides in both Davao and Taipei.

Another unique feature of the Davao City chapter is the flower offering for the ladies of the fellowship. This is the project of espouses Felizardo “Jun” and Maebel Carmelotes. They bring flowers during the joint fellowship and our members are called one after another to give the flowers to their partners.Many would kiss each other or exchange words of affection.

Its a kind gesture that brings love to our couples. It is no wonder that when our members tell their wives that they are to attend activities of the Full Gospel, the ladies give their full consent and support.

Contributing to the church

In our fellowship, we always emphasize that we are not a church and that we do not intend to make the FGBMFI a church. In fact, its mission is to help bring back men to church and to Jesus Christ.

The FGBMFI acts as a link between the marketplace and the church to reach men who are lost and have not met Jesus. Basically, we fish for men for Jesus Christ. To strengthen our members spiritually, we encourage them to be active in their respective churches.

We also emphasize that tithes are given to our respective churches and not to our fellowship. What we collect in the FGBMFI are “love offerings” to help cover expenses for our two projects – jail and hospital ministries. We use these two projects to reach out for more men for Jesus.

We are happy that a number of our members have grown spiritually to become pastors and fulltime servants of God. Some have established their own churches. Among them are Engr. Leonardo Alaan, Engr. Francisco Madronero, Atty. Dick Togonon (Deeper Life Church), Liberato Diao (Restore Christian Fellowship), Jose Gonzales, Camilo Cabatu, Gervacio Mendoza, Jr., Manuel Tan and Danny Ibanez (Church of Jesus Christ Ministries). Pastors Jun Mendoza and Manny Tan are still very active in our Saturday meetings while Pastor Diao serves as one of our spiritual advisers.

We also have at least three active members who are attending a bible school – appliance store executive Arman Enero, business consultant Orly Gabriel and banker Roman Guerrero, Jr.

They embrace the calling of the Lord to spread His Gospel and help fulfill the great commission.

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