God is faithful and generous

Before I became a city councilor, I worked for a group of companies owned by a Manila-based businessman. He is a kind elderly man who is well-liked by his people.

He helped me and my family a lot. And when I became a city councilor, he took my wife as business partner and they went into orchid growing, integrated farming and ornamental plants. I continued to serve the group of companies in an on-call consultant basis and received an allowance to help with my meager income as a public servant.

In many of my trips to Manila, I would call on him. He would always treat me for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and on occasion would lend me his car to bring me to places I needed to go around Metro Manila. When my daughter was admitted to two Manila hospitals in late 2009, he was there to lend my daughter and my wife a hand. He was truly an angel.

But as I became busy with my work in the city government particularly during my 2nd and 3rd terms, I gradually lost contact with him. Having not done anything for him, I believed that he has stopped sending me my honorarium. I have not also bothered to check my bank account for close to four years.

To my great surprise last week when I moved to Manila, I learned from him that he has faithfully sent my allowance every month. Yes, every single month! I was so embarrassed; his faithfulness and generosity simply floored me.

I have been praying for some time for additional money to help pay for bills and some personal loan. I did not expect help to come this way. This was an unexpected blessing.

Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on his faithfulness.” Psalms 37:3

I just realized God send us angels to help us not once, not twice, but many times, and perhaps, even forever. That is how faithful and generous God is.

“Rolls Royce” of bibles now ready

Thirty four members and eight guests were present in yesterday’s breakfast meeting of the FG chapter in Davao City, among them were three lawyers, three medical practitioners, three engineers, an Australian and a Pakistani.

One of our spiritual advisers, Pastor Liberato Diao, was the main sharer. He discussed how to guard against “covetousness and idolatry.” He also urged us to work hard to win more souls as he noticed a number of empty chairs at the Moonshine Room of the Grand Men Seng Hotel.

President Bienvenido Cariaga reiterated his call for members to invite more businessmen and professionals as he announced that the “Rolls Royce” of bibles that will go to the winner of the annual search for the Fisherman of the Year is now in his office. He said it is the most expensive bible he knows.

He likewise announced that the joint fellowship with the ladies of the fellowship on November 27 would be held at the Pinnacle Hotel. This would give the members a first hand look-taste what this new hotel offers. In the survey conducted two weeks ago to determine the venue of the breakfast meetings for next year, Pinnacle Hotel lost by a mere two votes over those who preferred to retain Grand Men Seng as the home of the chapter.

Thanks so much to those who participated in the fellowship – Trustee Cris Arieta who was the master of ceremony; Diego Baoy for leading the opening prayer; Bert Miranda for the words of wisdom; Engr. Ruben Sumagang for the grace for the meal; 1st VP Tony dela Cruz for the love offering; Engr. Rudy Junsay for the closing prayer; and our music ministry Uly Ampon and Joel Fejo.

Eight members shared their personal testimonies mostly stories of God’s protection and God’s provision.

Another successful fellowship. To God be the glory!

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