The FGBMFI Davao City Chapter will hold the election of its officers on October 23. The chapter is now praying for the success of this exercise to choose the new set of leaders for the year 2011.

The election is a three step process. First, the chapter members at-large will elect the President. Second, the body will elect ten (10) members of the Board of Trustees. And third, the Trustees will choose among themselves the rest of the officers: 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, PRO and Directors.

The election will be supervised by Mindanao Vice President Gerry Guiang, Past President Engr. Eder Bacus, and our Spiritual Advisers, the Rev. Shiloh Haigh and Pastor Bert Diao.

Our officers are a group of good men and capable leaders. They have successfully managed our chapter affairs and continue to spread the Good News among businessmen and professionals not only in Davao City, but reaching men from many walks of life as far away as General Santos City in the south to Agusan del Sur in the north.

Our incumbent President is a lawyer  like the sinner Saul transformed into the Apostle Paul. Atty Bienvenido Cariaga was a pioneer incorporator of the DC Chapter, the first FGBMFI chapter formed in the Philippines in 1973. He has served as President several times.

I learned that there are at least three others ready to serve the chapter as President should Atty. Cariaga decide not to seek reelection. They are our two Vice Presidents, Antonio dela Cruz, who chairs a big cooperative in the city and manages a security agency, and Engr. Cirilo Basalo, Jr., an electrical engineer who runs the country’s only accredited ship waste management company. The third is one of our Directors, Cris Arrieta, one time Visayas-Mindanao manager of a multinational soft drinks company and now one of the biggest billboard advertising operator in this part of the country.

Aside from being a lawyer, Atty. Cariaga also chairs the Davao City Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and sits in the Regional Wage Board in the Davao Region.

The four of them are men of ability and dedication. Anyone of them, anointed by God, would serve well our chapter as our leader. But, of course, all of us in our chapter know that we are all followers. Our true leader is Jesus Christ. And we have long elected him as our Lord and Savior.

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